And the Winner is

Just for once, I’ll be writing a blog post in English. Many of the translators who sent me their desk photos don’t speak French – and I feel like thanking them by writing something they’ll read without tearing their brain apart!

So here we are: I received about a dozen photos from translators’ desk. Surprisingly, “Twittranslators” were the most inclined to participate, proving once again that the social website is a powerful communication tool – much more powerful than facebook, which is the other media I used to gather pics. So what can we learn from these photos?

1) Many translators work with more than one screen:

Céline’s desk (Naked Translations)
Virginie (@Ceremonia)
Chris (@TextClick)

or with an extrawide screen:

Again, Chris’ desk, at home

2) As the Masked Translator’s Dog puts it, pets are translator’s best friends:

Jill Sommer’s happy dog
B. and her cat
And that would be my Cappuccino!

3) Mac-addicts…

Angel Dominguez’ office…
…and home (@angeldominguez)
Julia’s new home
Xav’s desk in Barcelona

…barely outnumber pc-users:

Franziska (@Dolmetschen_LE)


Vanessa (@vanessajr)
Magalie’s mess

4) Other conclusions you may draw:
-Coffee- and tea-cups have a dedicated spot on our desks for overnight assignments;
-Cleanliness is sometimes all relative;
-Dictionaries are everywhere!!

Finally, a special mention to Transtextuel and her husband’s drawing!


7 réflexions au sujet de « And the Winner is »

  1. I would say the winner is the one who can get one of these for me?

  2. Interesting idea for a post! Is there going to be a 2nd edition? 😉

  3. I wish I could have an organized desk! My congratulations to my colleagues!

  4. Fun post. I’m glad to see my desk isn’t too unusual, either – I have a laptop with an extra screen, some studio monitor speakers and a mixer, a Korg-keyboard, an expensive Ikea chair and 2 cheap Ikea desks organised into an L shape.

    I plug a « real » keyboard and mouse into my laptop to reduce as much of the old RSI as possible.

    A lamp, diary, notebooks and plenty of light through the windows complete the (mental) picture.

  5. I wish I had an awesome screen like Chris's in order to get the best of my gaming experience – although I'm not a CS & FPS person.

    Great blog post anyway, need another one soon !

  6. For the record my desk is usually not that clean… 🙂 – Jill

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